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On this site you can search properties for sale from several Multiple Listing Services in Metro Atlanta, the Southern Crescent and the North Georgia Mountains. Sign up for a free My Home Finder account so you can save searches or favorite listings for later viewing. You can also use My Home Finder to automatically update you when new listings come on the market that match your search criteria. Please feel free to contact me if you have questions on my website, local market conditions, financing or anything else that I can help you with in your search for real estate. Thank You.

"Garrett is a great agent! He took care to be on time to show me a unit, is proactive about setting up viewings, and makes effort to check on things and follow up. He's very laid back and has a helpful attitude, and is willing to take time to meet with you  as needed. If you're looking for someone who's proactive and eager, get in touch with Garrett!

- Jill Y.